Amanagara Sydney is a speculative name and brand for an upcoming hotel in Barangaroo, owned by Aman Resorts.

Amanagara Logo
Amanagara branded matches
Amanagara Hotel Card
Arjati Storefront
Amanagara Enamel Pin
Amanagara ICC Branding
Amanagara Glue Posters
Amanagara Tote Bag
Amanagara Tote Bag

Taking inspiration from Aman Resorts’ existing catalogue, Amanagara is a compound Sanskrit word meaning ‘a city of peace’.

‘Nagara’ represents Sydney as a global city, while 'Aman', which means peace, juxtaposes the connotations of the former. It reflects the mission of this venue, to offer convenient access to one of the fastest places in the world, while also offering an escape from the day-to-day hustle.

Sydney is added to the end to signify the location for an international audience – in a similar vein to Aman New York and Aman Tokyo.

Billboards for Amanagara

The icon is a simple monogram that mimics the letters of 'Aman', while being made up of just two 'A's. It's incredibly distinctive and versatile as a brand device, and it functions equally well with and without the written word underneath. Tessellating patterns of the 'A' are used on much of the hotel's collateral.

Naming, market research, tagline, logo development, sub-brand naming and animation were all parts of this expansive brief.

Website Mockup for Amanagara
Notebook for Amanagara Research booklet for Amanagara