AL by Google is your personal allergy assistant!

Part of a collaborative concept pitch with fellow designers Michelle Chow & Tharuni Surukanti, as well as the Google Creative Lab Sydney.

AL. The allergy assistant by Google.
Woman looking at phone, with AL by Google logo
Desk with Coffee, Apple Watch, and an iPhone with the AL app
AL app workflow screenshots
App workflow diagram for AL
AL app on Apple Watch

Our brief was to find a way to showcase either
Augmented Reality or Machine Learning
to help people understand their potential.
AL was the result.

iphone x virgin delta activation mock

AL uses
Augmented Reality Tech
to scan menus in real time and identify any allergies.

Google and UTS are institutions that pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of modern technology. In this unique collaboration, students were asked to create a communication that demonstrates the possibilities of Augmented Reality. For Michelle, Tharuni and I, that brief became AL. It's a hypothetical app that utilises AR, text recognition, as well as a database of food and ingredient information to provide helpful suggestions for people with allergies – or just fussy eaters.

For the pitch, we looked at partnering with Weight Watchers, the ASCIA and Google Reviews. Our aim was to prove that AR wasn't just a gimmick, and that it certainly doesn't require personal information. My contribution to the project was largely based around the direction, filming and editing of the video. I learnt a lot about film production, as well as concept ideation, UX/UI, and design research.