Highpoint Bracken Ridge is an upcoming development in the near north of Brisbane.

I designed the brand and much of the rollout across digital and print.

Polite Playground Logo
Highpoint masterplan
Highpoint brochure cover
Highpoint A-Frame
Highpoint building render
Highpoint brochure spread

HIGHPOINT Bracken Ridge by Turrisi Properties is family living at its finest. Being in a location that was very different to Sydney, one of the challenges was branding an area purely through secondary research. We found that the brand needed to be reserved, easy to read and represent everlasting quality and design. It was by an established developer in a conservative region, with a suite of projects that it also needed to slot into. Within those restrictive parameters I felt that we pushed the visual language as far as we could, with unique layouts, colour combinations, and subtle uses of animation, materiality and texture.

The strong geometric blocks that form the uppercase logos signal strength and trust, reminiscent of banks. These were injected with a bit of life in digital outputs, which would skew towards younger audiences, however for print collateral we remained within brief. The project will continue to be evolved as construction continues, and the production of permanent signage will leave a lasting mark in a growing suburb and city.

Construction fence for Highpoint