Nine Eight Espresso Garden is an upcoming cafe opening this year in Bankstown.

I was approached to create their logo and brand.

Nine Eight Logo
Nine Eight Espresso Coffee Cup
Nine Eight Espresso Coffee Bag
Posters for Nine Eight Espresso
Nine Eight Espresso Mask
Nine Eight Espresso Receipt
Nine Eight Espresso Hoodie

Inspired by the Grounds of Alexandria and the inner city cafe boom, Nine Eight represents the 2198 postcode, with a unique logo referencing the iconic 'Camofleur' optical illusion shed at Bankstown Airport.

The design naturally takes cues from the form of the sculpture, while alluding to the artworks original reference material – the fake houses designed for misdirection in World War II.

Combining optical illusions with the silhouette of the house while keeping legibility and specificity was all part of the balancing act. This balancing act is not dissimilar to Nine Eight’s mission of serving both caffeinated morning beverages, while after hours transforming into a vibrant bar.

The geometric patterns in the logo make a unique framing device for much of the cafe's collateral. While occasional muted splashes of colour add some versatility to an otherwise greyscale palette. Menus, pamplets and video assets are currently being designed.

Camofleur Sculpture in Bankstown

Set of posters for Nine Eight Espresso

Draft Logos

Unused logos for Nine Eight Espresso Garden