PubPort is an upcoming app designed to bring venues and live entertainment closer together.

I created the app workflow, design and investor video for a freelance client.

Social Creature book trailer stills
Pubport App Render with Logo
Pubport App Render
Pubport App Workflow for Venues
Pubport App Workflow for Entertainment

Pubport was quite a loose brief, as the client hadn't yet delved too deep into the functionality and design, so I was able to take extensive creative license with everything from the logo, to the workflow and experience. I took inspiration from other modern service apps such as Airbnb & Airtasker, as their consumer goals are quite similar and they have a tried and tested formula. The workflow has yet to be 100% finalized however these flats made up the basis of the ongoing UX discussions.

The unique challenge of this project was that it was designed with both venues AND entertainers in mind, so there are two distinct journeys with different goals. Entertainers could make a profile and showcase their own past content, where they've played before, and their location and rates. Meanwhile venue profiles were less detailed, however their search and booking functions were much greater according to our initial testing.

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