Social Sets are a brand new set design and lighting studio based in Surry Hills.

I was tasked with crafting the brand and website.

Social Sets Logo
Social Sets Business Card
Social Sets Poster
Social Sets Website
Social Sets Poster
Social Sets Mailer
Social Sets Tote

New to the set design space with innovations in lighting, and backed by years of experience in the brand activation, Social Sets needed an identity that felt both youthful and professional. Inspired by their premier offerings of custom neon lighting and shimmer walls, the logo features an iconic neon green tube, along with a halftone 'shimmer' dot. It's got a retro feel with callbacks to dot matrix printers and early 2000s internet, balanced with a modern sans serif – it's fresh but familiar.

Being a hip new agency they have all sorts of unique collateral, including a set of skateboards for the founders. The halftone and bold palette help set the brand apart, and are easy assets to utilize across a variety of mediums, including upcoming video content.

Primarily photography focused, they needed a
fun, unique method
to show off not only what their lighting can do, but how their rentable fractal lenses and stylistic direction can elevate any scene.

Set of Posters for Social Sets

Social Sets Skateboard